How do I become a De Witte member?

Membership at De Witte

De Witte is a private association, in which only private individuals can obtain membership. Membership is open to individuals (M/F) who have reached the age of eighteen.

De Witte members can enjoy exclusive access to the members' area, i.e. to the Oude Conversatiezaal, the Barzaal and the Restaurant. Members can also join in with all club activities.


Request membership

Membership can be requested through written nomination by three De Witte members, who have each been a member of the association for at least two years. You will immediately become a De Witte candidate member following this nomination. This is followed by a ballot meeting, which will take place during the first six months of the candidate membership. After this you will receive an invitation to the Table Market/Welcome Drink, where you can get to know various Tables and other members of the Club.

Candidate membership

A candidate member will receive a membership card which grants access to the Club buildings, the Bibliotheek and the bicycle storage facility. Candidate members can also use the multitude of facilities which the Club offers its members and they can participate with numerous events too.

Candidate membership does, however, have a number of restrictions, like only being allowed to introduce your partner and not being allowed to vote at the General Members Meeting.

Candidate members can be introduced at the open and semi-open Tables. However, definitive membership of the Tables is reserved for members who have been granted permanent membership of the Club. The Candidate Circle was created to make it easier for candidate members to find their way within the Club. It will allow you to informally establish contact with other members.

You will be extensively informed about the ins and outs within De Witte during the introductory meetings, plus you’ll be able to enjoy a tour of the building and establish contacts.

Candidate Circle

The Candidate Circle was established in 2018 as a meeting point for candidates to find each other and for them to become familiar with the Club, its members and its tables in a relaxed atmosphere.

The Candidate Circle realises this by organising activities which take place monthly, usually on the fourth Monday of the month. The activities take place at the Club or, during the summer months, at the Paviljoen.

Interested in our membership?

Are you interested in becoming a De Witte member? Then do get in touch.