This is where you’ll find the various De Witte regulations

Our regulations

The applicable rules within the Association are laid down in articles of association and regulations, which can be found here.

Every member is expected to familiarise themselves with the rules and to comply with them. Members should principally politely address each other about any violations. You can ask a member of the Executive Board, a member of the Assembly of Delegates or a member of the Club Committee to take action if the order of the Club is at stake.

The various regulations are briefly explained below.


Articles of association

The association’s articles of association contain the fundamental agreements regarding the association’s structure. They determine the powers of the General Meeting, the Executive Board and the other bodies of the association.

Rules regarding members’ visits and use

The rules for using the Club buildings by members are described in the house rules. The most striking rules are the different dress codes. These are as follows:

The dress code is 'tenue-de-ville’ in the Pleingebouw. For men this means: a dark suit or combination of a jacket with neat, smart trousers with a matching shirt, tie or bow tie, socks and shoes. For ladies this means: neat representative smart clothing, like a suit (deux-pièces or skirt/jacket), a trouser suit, a robe manteau, a smart dress (with short or long sleeves) or a skirt or dress worn below the knee. With matching tights or stockings and elegant boots or shoes with (flat) heels.

The same rules apply to the Paviljoen as to the Pleingebouw, with the following exceptions: For men, the 'jacket-tie' combination may be more colourful because of the summer season. For ladies, stylish polos, sleeveless dresses and blouses are permitted. Sunglasses and/or a (straw) hat on the terrace are also allowed. A tie must always be worn indoors. The tie obligation also applies on the terrace, unless the serving staff, who usually wear a bow or tie, have removed this. This is generally done when the temperature hits 27 degrees or higher. This exception only applies on the terrace!

The following are not allowed under any circumstances: denim (denim/blue jeans incl. designer jeans); shorts or three-quarter length trousers; mini skirts; polo or T-shirts; spaghetti straps; sports or other casual wear; tracksuits; trainers or gym shoes; heavy duty boots; sandals; flip flops; shoes without socks; swimwear; leggings or other clothing of a similar nature.

The other striking rule concerns the use of mobile phones. Mobile telephones are not used in the members' areas and members must put their phones on “silent”. Any possible phone calls need to be made in the hall, the cloakroom or – if available – in the Radiokamer (Radio Room). The use of computers, laptops and tablets is only allowed in the Leeszaal. Smartphones can be used everywhere for arranging appointments and showing photos, providing others are not disturbed or bothered by this.

Rules regarding visits by guests and members of sister associations

People who are not members can only be admitted to the members area if they are introduced by a member. The rules for introduction are set out in the Introduction Regulations. The most important rules are that the introducer bears responsibility for the guest, guests must be registered in the introduction book at the entrance and the dress code applies in full to guests. Introduction is limited to a maximum of five guests at a time per member and a total of four visits per year. Partners should also be introduced, unless there’s a meeting to which the Executive Board has also invited members’ partners.

Members of sister associations with which reciprocity exists can visit the association without being introduced. The rules in relation to this can be found in the Reciprocity Regulations. The most important rules are that you report on arrival and that you comply with the dress code.

Contribution regulations

The contribution and budget are set by the Assembly of Delegates on an annual basis, as proposed by the Executive Board. Discount schemes are applied to this determined basic contribution. These discounts are based on the number of years you’ve been a member. The discount schemes are described in the Contribution Regulations.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy is currently still under development. The existing rules will apply until this has been completed:

Image and copyright apply to the Sociëteit De Witte’s logo and name. These may only be used for external communication with the Executive Board’s prior written permission. Members automatically have permission for internal use within an association context, providing the logo isn’t modified and this use doesn’t affect the association and its members’ good name.

De Witte members may make digital recordings of association meetings (e.g. sound, photos or video) in the club buildings for their own personal use, unless otherwise indicated by or on behalf of the Executive Board. Any form of publication of such recordings made in the Club requires prior permission from the Executive Board. The use of recordings made in the Club in a context other than from an association perspective (such as a business context) requires prior written permission from the Executive Board.