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De Witte’s first anniversary activity (48th anniversary) took place in the Haagse Bos on 24th June 2022. Everyone was able to enjoy the Fanfare Mounted Weapons on the Walther Boerweide.

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‘Music set in the Haagsche Bos’ anniversary activity

De Witte celebrated its 48th anniversary year on the Walther Boerweide on 24th June 2022. The Fanfare Mounted Weapons played in the exact same place where De Witte's bandstand once stood. The photograph depicts chairman Frederik van Nouhuys with an original stone which was recovered from the (tent’s) foundations.

Hans Dulfer treated everyone to a fantastic performance!

But it isn’t just classical music which can be heard and enjoyed at De Witte. Hans Dulfer rocked De Witte to its very foundations last summer.

240 years - De Witte is making history

Chairman of the Executive Board, Frederik van Nouhuys, about De Witte.